What is MyLife MyJourney?

MyLife MyJourney is a safe online platform on which people of all ages and backgrounds can chronicle and share their life story with the important people in their life. Unlike other social media platforms, you can tell your story in your own way and share it with people you choose. You can even invite others to contribute to your stories, bringing long-lasting memories to life.

MyLife MyJourney is completely free. There are no fees for using, sharing or publishing your stories. Sponsored content may appear from time to time in a dedicated section of the web page.
Who operates MyLife MyJourney?
MyLife MyJourney is a service provided by HeavenAddress.com. HeavenAddress was founded in 2001 as a service to people and families who wished to have a respectful way to remember their departed loved ones. Over the years, HeavenAddress has learned much about the value of sharing stories with family and friends and created MyLife MyJourney to provide a safe place to bring such sharing to life.
How is MyLife MyJourney different to other forms of social media?

Unlike other social media platforms that people use to upload selfies, pictures of their plate of food, asking for recommendations for which hairdresser does the best foil treatment and other 'happening now' moments, MyLife MyJourney is about your story, your journey.

We often hear people saying that there was so much they never knew about a family member simply because the story hadn't been told or documented. MyLife MyJourney gives you that opportunity to chronicle your life story and share it with people you choose.
How do I obtain MyLife MyJourney?
Visit www.mylifemyjourney.org and register your details to obtain full access to the service.
How do I create a story?

Choose one of the 10 BRANCHES (e.g. My Beginnings) to which the story relates.

Follow the title and date prompts and start telling your story.

Create story screenshot
What are the different sections for?

These sections, which we refer to as BRANCHES, represent the different broad areas of your life. This is to make it easy for you to remember and jot down the different stories that belong to each BRANCH.

For example, if you have a story about something that happened during your school years, you would select the "My School Years" branch and commence documenting your story there.
Can I add photos and videos to my stories?

Yes. When you are editing a story, you can click or tap on the photo and video icons.

You will be prompted to add the relevant file for your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Your photo or video will appear next to your story as a small icon that can be clicked or tapped to view.

Add photo screenshot
Can I share my stories with other people?

Yes. You can share your story with anyone by clicking or tapping on the share/invite arrow and entering that person's email address.

You can also set permissions to VIEW, EDIT, or PUBLISH.

Share stories screenshot
Can I invite other people to contribute to my stories?

Yes. You can invite your story with anyone by clicking or tapping on the share/invite arrow and entering that person's email address.

You can also set permissions to VIEW, EDIT, or PUBLISH.

Invite people to contribute screenshot
Can I post a MyLife MyJourney story to other social media platforms?

Yes. At this stage, you can share a story to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Post MyLife MyJourney to social media screenshot
What happens to my personal information? Is it safe?

Your stories can only be shared with people you choose. All information is stored in a fully secured database and not available to the general public unless you choose to share your stories with the general public.

The personal information in your user profile is stored and encrypted and will only be used by our site administrators to provide you with customer service and other relevant information that may benefit you as a MyLife MyJourney user.

Do I need to pay for MyLife MyJourney?
No. MyLife MyJourney is a free service provided by HeavenAddress.com. There are no user fees of any kind to pay.