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Add your life experiences across 10 diverse categories and continue to build your life’s unique journey.

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A fresh, new creative way to celebrate and share your life with your family and friends, in your time, in your way.

MyLife MyJourney is a unique, fun and easy way to build your life story. It can be as simple as adding photos to your timeline or more complex, with friends and relatives helping you with memories, videos and other documents.

It's also free. In just a few hours MyLife MyJourney becomes a fun and fullfilling celebration of your life.

Creating your own MyLife MyJourney is Simple

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Written words are timeless. Express yourself through the stories and chapters of your life.

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Photos and videos add extra dimension to your stories. Preserve your memories for family and friends to share.

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When you're living in the moment, you can capture and upload video directly to any of your stories.

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Ask your family and friends to contribute to your stories.